About the Artist

Lon Calhoun is a native of Conway, SC with an extensive background in fine art. Working in a variety of mediums, Lon brings the feel of fine art to the world of architectural renderings.

Lon Calhoun has worked for years with various buildeabbottrs, professional residential designers, engineers, architects, land developers and real estate offices to create beautiful renderings of their projects.


Renderings are produced from elevations, cad drawings, floor plans, site plans, interior designs and/or other computerized project plans (as well as ideas straight from the client’s imagination).MHyman


With his award winning talent for capturing historical architecture in his art, Calhoun produces a range of choices from simple graphite sketches to full-scale color renderings.

Moore house-Color

Two dimensional plans become three dimensional portraits, complete with landscaping, that will catch the eye and imagination of you customers.


These pieces are not computer generated.  Each is hand drawn by Calhoun in graphite or pen and ink and then painted (if desired) in watercolor.  The artwork is then scanned in high resolution and burned to disk so that you can easily use the image for publication.


Calhoun has worked extensively with the City of Conway, Myrtle Beach, Horry County Planning, CCU and many others in the region to produce artwork of historical buildings, proposed renovations and future projects

For examplmain street bridge-8es of Historic Architecture of our area, see his original artwork at www.moegans.com





Calhoun’s Tobacco Barn, a pen and ink rendering with watercolor, was named The Artisans of the SC Tobacco Trail’s 2010 Image of the Year.

 Tobacco Barn (5x7 mat)



Please email us with details and/or elevations of your project for a price quote.